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Saving with Solar Power

• System performance and savings review •

In the face of significant household electricity costs, Brendon and Emma decided to investigate possible solar power solutions for the electricity and hot water requirements of their family home.
With a busy family of 5, electric air conditioning and pool filtration, their electricity bills were quite substantial.

Following Brendon’s initial enquiry about solar power and hot water in Feb 2020, we carried out an assessment and analysis of the family’s energy requirements and usage patterns. We then prepared a solar power proposal including suitable system options with Enphase microinverters or a Fronius string inverter.

After further consultation, Emma and Brendon chose to install a 7.8 kW system with 22 x LG NeON2 panels and Enphase microinverters. They also decided to replace their old hot water system with a new Heat Pump unit.

The installation was completed in March 2020.

The System Components – Key Features & Benefits

LG solar panels:

○ Strong 25 year product warranty includes labour and transport, and is transferable to a new owner if you sell your property.
○ Enhanced performance warranty – guaranteed to provide at least 90.6% of initial performance after 25 years of use.
○ Double sided N-type cells with ‘CELLO’ Multi wire busbar technology – Improved high temperature performance, excellent performance under low light conditions, and low LID (light induced degradation).
○ Highly durable panels designed and built to last, extensively tested up to at least 2 x the International Standards.

Enphase microinverter system:

○ Modular design – Enphase systems provide greater system design flexibilty and ease of future expansion.
○ Safer solar – DC to AC conversion at the panels eliminates the risk of fires caused by high DC voltage arc faults.
○ Robust panel level monitoring – track the performance of each solar panel individually.

Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump:

○ Highly efficient water heating system with a fast payback time
○ Powered by electricity from solar power generation

Projected Performance and Savings

The system design & proposal software that we use can calculate estimates for annual savings, system payback time, system lifetime savings, return on investment, before & after bill comparison, projected energy production, and more. The calculations are based on input electricity tariffs and usage data, various system specs including proposed panel position and orientation, and historical weather data for the specified location.

The projected annual saving for the chosen system was $2203 p.a.
This estimate was based on an annual consumption of 9490 kWh, 16c Feed-in Tariff, and current energy plan rates.

System performance and savings review

As part of the ongoing service and support that we provide to our clients, we offer a system performance and savings review, including electricity bill analysis and energy plan assessment.

In July 2021, Emma got in touch with us to request a review for their system, as it had now been in operation for about 15 months.

Through an assessment of the previous 12-months electricity bills and analysis of data obtained from the Enphase system monitoring, Bob put together a detailed report which includes graphs and stats covering an array of aspects.

System report includes:

• energy plan comparison
• avg. daily energy profile
• time of day for consumption
• energy import and export
• solar self-consumption rate
• seasonal variations in production and consumption

The data analysis outlined in the report can be used to:
○ identify ways to further increase the benefit from solar
○ choose the most effective energy plan and tariff option
○ assess battery feasibility and suitable storage capacity

Summary of review results.

For the assessed 12-month period, the savings from solar power amounted to $3329.

This was comprised of:
$1620 saving from consumption directly offset by solar.
$1709 from surplus solar production exported to the grid.

The saving achieved equates to a 23.42% return on investment for the system.

Note: A 16c/kWh feed-in tariff was used for proposal estimates, whereas the actual rate received from the AGL energy plan was higher. This resulted in higher savings from the grid export component.

“We researched our options in reducing the cost of electricity, planning for the short term and long term benefits for our family and invest in ourselves. The best fit was to use solar and we worked together with SolarWise Wagga. They installed quality LG panels which will stand up to the Australian sun’s harshness. The outcome has been financially beneficial with 23.4% return on investment in the first year. Our solar gives us credits from the grid which are needed in winter with a family of 5.”

Emma R

“At SolarWise Wagga our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide relevant and reliable information, quality service, and the highest grade of products at a competitive price.”

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