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Solar Batteries

Solar Energy Storage

Batteries for new installations & retrofits to existing systems

Grid Connected

– Hybrid Systems –

CEC Accredited Off-Grid System Design & Install Technicians

Solar Batteries

for Grid-connected Systems

Tesla Powerwall

Home Battery

14 kWh capacity battery with great features & benefits


IQ Battery 5P

Enphase Energy System - All-in-one Solar Battery Backup Power

Redback Technologies

Smart Battery System

AC Coupled energy storage - ideal for retrofitting to existing solar

Redback Technologies

Smart Hybrid System

Hybrid system for solar PV panels and energy storage batteries

Read more about solar batteries for grid-connected solar power

Looking for detailed information about Solar Battery Storage?

  • Reasons for installing Solar Batteries
  • Battery Storage system types
  • Solar Battery coupling methods
  • Blackout protection – Backup power

“At SolarWise Wagga our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide relevant and reliable information, quality service, and the highest grade of products at a competitive price.”

When choosing SolarWise Wagga, you can feel confident that you will have a professionally designed system that meets your present and future energy requirements, is well suited to your property, and will provide an excellent return on your investment.

Our solar battery energy storage systems are designed, installed and commissioned by our team of licensed technicians, with CEC accreditation for both grid-connected and off-grid solar PV and battery systems.

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