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Solar Analytics | System Monitoring

Get more from your Solar

Smart solar software delivers you more value from your solar power system.

How it works:

Solar Analytics collects your solar and energy data which is then analysed by a suite of automated algorithms.
Everything you need to get more from your solar.

Solar Analytics Features:

True Performance Monitoring – See if your solar is performing as it should, and if it’s not, we’ll let you know.

Plan Optimiser – Take the guesswork out of saving on energy bills. Know you’re always on the best energy plan based on your actual solar and household data.

Savings Analysis – Watch your savings grow with the most accurate savings calculations.

Battery Calculator – Choose the right time and the right battery for you.

Energy Insights – Full visibility over your energy usage and when to best use your solar.

Solar Analytics
Solar Analytics Dashboard

The Solar Analytics dashboard can access data from a variety of sources.

Solar and energy data can be collected directly from the inverter or via the Solar Smart Monitor.

Integrated solution
Integrating directly with the inverter and consumption meter is the simplest way to connect with no additional hardware required.

Classic solution
Our Solar Smart Monitor can be used on any solar system to provide a complete range of options and additional functionality.

Energy Plan Optimiser

Solar Analytics plan optimiser lets you take the guesswork out of saving on energy bills.
Know you’re always on the best energy plan based on your actual solar and home energy data.

Plan Optimiser uses your actual household solar and energy usage data to compare the best available energy plans currently on the market and automatically finds the ideal plan for you.

Solar Analytics Plan Optimiser

What it Does:

♦ Lets you easily compare each plan’s details

♦ Clearly shows how much you could save

♦ Displays all the current plans on the market

♦ Regularly updates so you know you’re always on the best plan

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Solar Analytics Dashboard

Connect to the My Solar Dashboard on any device, anytime to best manage your solar, battery and energy. Solar Analytics is constantly watching over your system to provide insights and updates to the Dashboard.

The exact characteristics of your system and your home’s energy pattern create your unique energy profile ready for analysis.

Through patented algorithms, your data is transformed into information that is easy to understand with clear insights to ensure you maximise savings.

Solar Analytics Mobile App

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Solar Analytics System Performance
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