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Amber for Batteries

Unlock the Full Potential of your Solar Battery

Amber for Batteries – an energy plan for solar battery owners.

It allows you to unlock access to wholesale electricity prices and gain more control of what you do with your battery.


Instead of fixed prices, you can unlock access to variable wholesale energy prices for a $19 monthly fee.
You also get battery automation technology to make wholesale energy work for you.

Amber is an energy provider and a technology company, on a mission to help shift Australia to 100% renewable energy.

Amber for Batteries combines:

1. Variable wholesale energy pricing.

2. SmartShift™ battery optimisation, automates your battery to ‘buy low, sell high’.

This power combo lets you:

♦ Get paid the same feed-in tariffs that big fossil fuel generators earn, with wholesale FiTs that can reach $15/kWh.

♦ Receive every cent your energy is worth – no cuts taken by your retailer.

♦ Boost savings from your solar and battery with smart automation that continually hunts for the best prices to export and charge, based on your specific needs.

♦ Gain control over your battery, with the power to export, charge and preserve power from your battery at the press of a button in the Amber App.

Sign up using the code SWW30 for a free 2 months Amber subscription ($30 credit).
There is no lock-in and you can turn off optimisations at any time in the Amber App.

Amber for Batteries

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