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Solar Power for Rural Properties

With the rising cost of energy, more and more rural properties are turning to solar power for a clean, reliable, and less expensive energy source.

Solar power systems on farms provide great financial returns, relatively short payback periods, and present an overall excellent investment.

Whether it be on your house, sheds, or ground-mounted, we’ll design a solar power system to suit you and your property. From hobby farms to large cattle stations we’ve got you covered, on or off the grid.

Reduce your energy bills  •  Help protect our environment  •  Add property value

Solar Powered Pumps

Off Grid Solar Power

Ground Mount Systems

When designing a rural solar power system there are several additional technical aspects to consider when compared to an urban residential situation, also, there are often limitations and restrictions which can present challenges to effective system configuration and grid connection.

Solar companies that use a cookie-cutter approach when quoting on solar power can leave you with the end result of owning an underperforming, and in some cases, a non-functional system.

Remote System Monitoring

The ability to monitor the energy production of your solar power, along with the energy consumption of your appliances plays an important part in helping to gain the most benefit from your system.

Most energy monitoring systems upload data to an online monitoring portal where it can be accessed remotely, and therefore require an internet connection. On rural properties, the solar power system will often be installed in a location where no internet connection is available.
Solar Analytics monitoring offers a solution to this problem by using the 4G mobile network for data transfer.

Berembed Station

Mundarlo Farm

System Details
Inverter: Fronius Primo 8.2 kW
Panels: 24 x LG NeON2 360W (8.64 kW)
Monitoring: Solar Analytics 4G

Fred and Noela’s farm near Mundarlo has an average daily electricity use of 45 kWh. Their main appliances include:
– Reverse cycle heating and cooling.
– Pumps for garden and domestic water supply.
– Pool filtration.
– Fridges and freezers.

The home is quite a distance from the meter box and transformer pole, and this presented a problem. Electrical calculations revealed that if solar was installed on the house roof, there would be voltage rise issues to contend with and major system design limitations.

A workshop shed much closer to the meter box would be a great location for the solar panels, however, it didn’t have electricity connected, so a new underground electricity supply and a switchboard was installed for the shed.

To make maximum use of the available roof area, a panel array consisting of 24 x 360W LG solar modules (8.64 kW) was installed in landscape orientation. An 8.2 kW Fronius inverter was used, and because the electricity supply is single phase, a grid export limit of 5 kW had to be applied.

As there is no internet connectivity at the shed, Solar Analytics 4G was used for energy production & consumption monitoring. This will provide the ability to monitor & manage electricity use during the day, and help maximise the benefit from solar generation. With Solar Analytics, Fred and Noela have peace of mind knowing that we can also check on their system remotely at any time.

Overall, it is forecast they will generate a saving of around $3600 per year in energy costs, and taking inflation into account, a saving of over $110k on electricity bills over the life of the system.

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When choosing SolarWise Wagga, you can feel confident that you will have a professionally designed system that meets your present and future energy requirements, is well suited to your property, and will provide a great return on your investment.

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