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Things to know about getting a solar quote

By 07/02/2024March 20th, 2024No Comments

Can I have a quote for solar?

We often get asked this question – and the answer is yes, of course.
However, the person asking sometimes expects a firm price on the spot.
This is a bit like walking into a car showroom and asking how much is a car, when obviously, it depends on the make and model etc.

Asking for a solar power quote has similar issues, with plenty more to consider.
Listed below are some of the things that can affect your quote.

Property & buildings

  • Location (where do you live)?
  • Will solar be installed on a house, shed, large farm or industrial shed, or ground mounted?
  • Is the building single or multi-storey?

Electricity supply

  • Do you have a single or multi-phase power supply?
  • How far away is the grid power connection?
  • Does incoming power connect to a shed first?
  • Do you have a central meter box with separate feeds to multiple buildings?
  • Does the meter panel have a service fuse or isolation device?
  • Is the electricity meter an old-style basic meter or a modern smart meter?
  • What is the cable size of your electrical service and mains?
  • Do you have a very old meter panel that needs upgrading?

Roof type

  • Flat roof or pitched roof?
  • What is the roof pitch?
  • Do you have a Tile roof or Tin roof?
  • If a tiled roof, what type of tiles?
  • If a tin roof, is it corrugated iron, Klip-Lok, Trimdek, or other type material?

System type

  • Do you have any preference for String inverter or Microinverter system?
  • Are there any panel attributes that you desire? (e.g. warranties, degradation rate, performance parameters, cell technology, country of manufacture)
  • Are there any budget limitations that could influence your chosen system type or size?

System functions & features

  • Are you considering the addition of batteries? – now or in the future?
  • If adding batteries, do you want backup power during power blackouts?
  • Do you want to be able to easily expand the system later?
  • Is there internet connectivity available?
  • Do you want remote system monitoring?
  • Do you want energy consumption monitoring?

Other considerations for a solar quote are:

  • What size system do you want and why?
  • What size system do you need? Based on your energy usage profile.
  • Do you have Gas or Electric Hot Water?
  • Gas or Electric Heating?
  • Evaporative or Reverse Cycle cooling?
  • Do you, or will you have an Electric Vehicle?
  • Do you have a swimming pool or Spa?

Because all the above questions need answering, we consider it important to carry out a site visit and/or consultation before providing a quote, rather than just plucking a price out of thin air.

“At SolarWise Wagga our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide relevant and reliable information, quality service, and the highest grade of products at a competitive price.”

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