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Off-Grid Solar
Power Systems

SolarWise Wagga provides off-grid power solutions for anyone who is unable to or chooses not to connect to the electricity grid.

Off-Grid Solar Power

SolarWise Wagga provides off-grid power solutions for anyone who is unable to or chooses not to connect to the electricity grid.

Our off-grid energy systems range in size from small portable systems, right through to large-scale commercial applications.

We can design and install an off-grid system tailored to suit your energy requirements and location.

Almost anything is possible; through the use of intelligent system components you can control and manage every aspect of your energy needs. By incorporating solar, wind, hydro, or a diesel generator with batteries, you can be sure you’ll never be without power.



System Design & Proposal Presentation

Each off-grid situation is unique and therefore requires a system design tailored to specific requirements.
There are many factors that need to be considered when designing a system  and selecting the integrated components to be used.

Our experienced designers will work with you to develop a system tailored to suit your geographic location, energy requirements, and available budget.

System Proposal

With the assistance of our specialised design software we will prepare a comprehensive proposal including detailed reports which will be presented along with your system quotation.

Some examples of reports included:
○ System overview & Performance summary
○ Energy consumption profile data
○ Solar production, storage & backup assessment
○ Return on investment & Savings estimates (vs Grid purchase or Generator running costs)

Also included with the proposal:
• Full specifications and datasheets for main system components.
• Engineering Certifications of mechanical/structural components.
• Product warranty information.

Read more about off-grid power systems and our design & quote process

Take Control of Your Energy Future with Solar.

Tired of rising electricity bills and unreliable grids? Imagine a future powered by the sun, free from grid dependence and hefty connection costs. This comprehensive guide, brought to you by SolarWise Wagga, unlocks the secrets of off-grid solar living.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Breakthrough Savings & Self-Sufficiency: Escape the grid, eliminate power bills, and enjoy the ultimate energy independence.
  • Sustainable Powerhouse: Embrace a cleaner future with solar energy. Reduce your carbon footprint and invest in a greener tomorrow.
  • Expert Insights: Uncover the hidden opportunities and potential pitfalls of off-grid systems.
  • Your Perfect Power Solution: Dive into the world of off-grid solar – understand power generation options, battery technology, system sizing, and backup solutions.
  • Beyond the Basics: Learn about load profiling, pre-installation checks, and the increasingly popular hybrid solar systems.
Download Guide

Off-Grid System Components

Which Brands Do We Use?

When designing our off-grid power systems, we select components from industry-leading manufacturers with a proven track record for the reliability, efficiency, performance, and safety of their products. Additionally, we choose manufacturers who have offices in Australia for product support and warranty.

The Netherlands based Victron Energy is renowned for technical innovation, reliability, and high product quality. The MultiPlus range of Inverter/Chargers is coupled with Fronius solar inverters. In some small to medium systems we’ll use an EasySolar unit for an all-in-one solution.

The Eco Series from PowerPlus Energy are self managed lithium LFP batteries with an internal battery management system [BMS]. These scalable rack-mounted modules are Australian Designed, Australian Made and Australian Owned.

An Australian owned company since 1964, Selectronic is the manufacturer of the SP PRO multi-mode inverter. We couple them with a Fronius Selectronic Certified inverter which has hardware and software that enables direct communication with the SP PRO.

Australian owned RedEarth Energy Storage design and manufacture high-quality solar battery solutions locally in Australia. One of their products is the BlackMax all-in-one integrated standalone power system – an ideal solution for powering a shed or weekender.

Starting in Austria in 1945, Fronius International now has divisions in 30+ countries and has been manufacturing inverters since 1995. The SnapInverter range is integrated into many of our off-grid systems – paired with Victron Energy or Selectronic battery inverters.

Remote System Monitoring & Communications

The ability to remotely monitor and manage an off-grid energy system is an important aspect of system design.

Remote monitoring and control in an off-grid system allows for:

  • the ability to receive quick notifications, and take action to eliminate power interruptions.
  • programming custom settings and making necessary adjustments to maintain system health and performance.
  • a reduction in costs associated with remote site visits.
  • remotes firmware updates.
  • facilitation of troubleshooting and remote support.

Advanced monitoring solutions are included with our off-grid systems, allowing you to easily monitor the status of your system and manage important system functions via informative user interfaces.

The type of system and brand of inverter/charger components will determine which monitoring portal is used.


Select.live - System Monitoring

Select.live is a monitoring solution for the Australian made SP Pro Multi-mode inverters from Selectronic.

View real-time system status and important data from your SP PRO locally, or remotely via the Select.live web-based portal. An internet connected PC, iOS or Android device can be used to access the portal.

Select.live monitoring is included with our Selectronic SP Pro off-grid systems.

Select.live monitoring
Victron Energy

VRM - Victron Remote Management

Victron Remote Management enables access to extensive controls and settings of system-components which are connected to a Color Control GX.
It provides remote monitoring access for the system installer and owner, and allows hassle-free diagnostic checks and analysis of archived information.

Victron Colour Control Display
The Color Control GX is the communication-centre of a Victron system. It provides live information, and enables control of components connected to it.
Remote system control is gained through the free-to-use VRM Portal.

Victron monitoring

Introduction to Selectronic - SELECT.live system monitoring

Read more about off-grid power systems and our design & quote process

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When choosing SolarWise Wagga, you can feel confident that you will have a professionally designed system that meets your present and future energy requirements, is well suited to your property, and will provide a great return on your investment.

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