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Off-Grid Solar Power

System Design & Quote



Off-grid solar power systems custom designed to your requirements.

Before getting started with an off-grid design & quote request, we recommend reading our off-grid solar power information page about off-grid power systems, their main components, off-grid system design considerations, and the design process.

Continue below if you are ready to proceed with an off-grid system design & quote.

Off-Grid Power System - Design & Quote

The first step in designing an off-grid energy system is gathering information about the appliances and electrical loads that will be connected to the system.

If your off-grid system will be providing power to a new home or building that is still in the planning stage, we can help with information and advice on maximising energy efficiency, selecting appliances, and choosing the most suitable water heating solution.

You can get started by filling out an Off-Grid Power – Load Assessment Sheet.

For kits and some small systems a load assessment sheet might not be required.
If you know the energy requirements (daily kWh) you can enter it in the quote request form.

Load Assessment Sheet - Sample

Off-Grid Solar - Load Assessment Sheet

MS Excel Spreadsheet

Off-Grid Power - Quote Request

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