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Berembed Station

SolarWise Wagga installed a 22 kW solar power system for Berembed Station in July 2017 to help reduce their high electricity costs.

In just under 3 years, their system has produced over 100 Megawatt hours of energy and provided electricity bill savings in excess of $30k.

System Components

LG Solar High performance panels.

Fronius Symo 3 phase inverter.

Solar Analytics energy monitoring.

Energy Monitoring

With the help of Solar Analytics monitoring, the station is able to monitor their energy production and consumption. This allows management of pump operation times in order to make the best use of solar power and off-peak energy tariffs.

Through this approach, the station is able to save around $10,000 per year on energy costs.

System Payback & ROI

The system has provided an annual return on investment above 30%, and the energy savings to date have already exceeded the system installation cost.

This has been an amazing success story and one we are very proud of.

Solar Analytics

Energy Monitoring

System monitoring screenshots from the Solar Analytics online portal.

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