Choosing the Right Solar Panel: Why REC Should Be Your Top Choice.

In this video:
Discover cutting-edge innovations in solar panel technology with valuable insights from industry experts.
Learn about the revolutionary heterojunction cell technology and its benefits.
Understand why investing in the latest technology is crucial to ensure relevance and performance for years to come.
Explore the importance of choosing a reputable installer and the key factors to consider when selecting solar panels.

Featuring: Gus Paviani – Head of Asia Pacific and Japan at REC Solar
Presented by: Markus Lambert – Your Energy Answers

Key segments:
• Introduction
• What Sets REC Solar Apart from others
• Importance of Choosing Advanced Technology in Solar Panels
• Current Trends in Solar Panel Production
• Most Important Feature of Solar Panels
• Benefits to choosing REC Solar Panels


Discover why investing in REC Solar’s solutions is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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About REC Group

About REC Group:
REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy company dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable solar power through high-quality solar panels with a leading power density.
As Solar’s Most Trusted, REC is known for its patented innovations and multiple award-winning products with reliable long-term performance. The cornerstone for REC’s strong reliability is advanced and highly efficient manufacturing using Industry 4.0 practices.

Founded in 1996 in Norway, REC has always been committed to a low carbon footprint in its solar materials and panels. REC is headquartered in Norway with operational headquarters in Singapore and regional hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. As of December 2021, REC is part of Reliance Industries Limited, India’s largest private sector company with revenues of USD 118.6 billion.

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