This is the first edition of a new half-yearly report from the Clean Energy Council, monitoring the progress of the deployment of rooftop solar and behind-the-meter energy storage systems in Australia.

Key statistics from the Rooftop Solar and Storage H2 2023 Report:

♦ Collectively, rooftop solar is now the second largest source of renewable electricity generation in Australia (behind wind energy generation), and the fourth largest source of electricity generation, providing approximately 11.2 per cent of the country’s power supply.

♦ 2023 saw rooftop photovoltaic (‘PV’) installations surpassed a total of 20 GW installed capacity in Australia.

♦ With 970 MW of new rooftop solar systems installed in 2023, New South Wales broke the record for the highest annual installed capacity of any state ever recorded.

♦ The total number of rooftop solar installations in Queensland surpassed the one million mark, the first state to do so.

♦ Fifty-seven thousand behind-the-meter batteries were installed in 2023.

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