Clean Energy Australia Report - 2024v

This report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the Australian renewable energy sector, and the progress made in the clean energy transition in 2023, including the latest figures and statistics.

Key statistics from the Clean Energy Australia 2024 Report:

♦ Renewables account for 39.4 per cent of Australia’s total electricity supply.

♦ 5.9 GW of new renewable generation capacity added in 2023.

♦ 2.8 GW of new large-scale renewable generation capacity completed construction and was added to the grid.

♦ The rooftop solar sector added 3.1 GW of new capacity from 337,498 households and small businesses.

♦ 27 utility-scale batteries under construction at the end of 2023, accounting for a total of 5 GW / 11 GWh combined capacity, up from 19 totalling 1.4 GW / 2 GWh of capacity in 2022.

♦ $4.9 billion in new investments in large-scale storage during 2023, up from $1.9 billion in 2022.

♦ No new financial commitments to utility scale wind projects in 2023, compared to six in 2022.

♦ 7 new financial commitments to large-scale solar projects for a combined 921 MW, down from 10 projects and 1.5 GW in 2022.

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