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IQ Battery

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Enphase IQ Battery 5 - Product Launch

The official product launch of the IQ Battery 5 is in early May 2023.

IQ Battery 5 - FAQs

Is the IQ Battery 5 compatible with multi-phase homes?
Yes. The Enphase Energy System is compatible with single and multi-phase homes, with single-phase backup.

What is the storage capacity of the IQ Battery 5?
Australia will be the first country to get the latest third-generation and most powerful battery yet from Enphase – the IQ Battery 5.

The IQ Battery 5 comes in 5 kWh modular units, which provides the same flexibility for your storage needs as Enphase IQ Microinverters deliver for your solar power. Additional units can be added at any time to increase the system’s total storage capacity.

When will the IQ Battery 5 be available for installation?
The IQ Battery 5 is scheduled to be available for installation from June/July 2023.

How much does the IQ Battery 5 cost?
Pricing will be available from your installer after the official product launch in early May 2023.


Update – 09 May 2023:

We now have pricing available for the new IQ Battery, IQ System Controller, and IQ8 microinverters.
Quotes are available now, and we are accepting pre-orders.

Product availability is expected to be in June-July 2023.
Pre-ordering is recommended, as the products from the initial shipments will be in high demand.

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