Maximising Returns from your Solar with Solar Analytics


One aspect of maximising the return on your solar installation is to ensure that you are on an energy plan that best suits your consumption and solar export patterns.

Analysing consumption and export data is a time-consuming and often complicated part of the process.
Fortunately, technology is now available that can do all the hard work for you, to help get the most out of your solar.

Solar Analytics monitors and records energy consumption and solar export patterns, and one of its main features is the Energy Plan Optimiser which compares your current pricing structure with a list of available energy plans. It then shows the savings that could be achieved by changing to an alternative plan.

The automation of the process with monthly pricing updates makes this a valuable feature of the software

An option to monitor the energy consumption of up to four different appliances individually is also available – for example: pool pump usage, hot water production, battery charging and discharging, and EV car charging.

Subject to the type of solar installation on site, additional hardware may be required in the meter box, as well as a nominal subscription service (with a range of options)


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