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Trade Up!

For SolarEdge system owners!

Inverter trade up offer from SolarEdge.

When adding a SolarEdge Home Battery & Backup Interface to an existing SolarEdge single-phase or residential three-phase system, you can Trade Up your existing SolarEdge inverter to the new single-phase Home Hub inverter for free.

♦ Get the latest generation Home Hub Inverter, free.
♦ New 12-year Home Hub warranty.
♦ Opportunity to install an SolarEdge EV charger when ready
♦ Opportunity to install Smart Home Energy devices when ready

The award-winning SolarEdge Home Hub inverter is designed to work with the new SolarEdge Home Battery with Backup Interface.

About this offer.
○ The promotional offer is provided by SolarEdge.
○ The offer is available until 31st December 2024.
○ Trade up is only available with purchase of a SolarEdge Home Battery and Backup Interface for an existing SolarEdge system.
○ The offer is bound by the terms and conditions set by SolarEdge.

About the battery.
The SolarEdge Home Battery has energy storage capacity of 10kWh with useable energy capacity of 9.7kWh.
It has a continuous power rating of 5kW with a surge/peak rating of 7.5kW (for 10 seconds).
The battery is compatible with SolarEdge Genesis inverters and Home Hub inverters.

The associated Home Backup Interface (required for black-out protection capability) is only compatible with Home Hub inverters.


About the price.
The price of a 5kW Home Hub inverter is normally around $2100.
Larger 6kW, 8.25kW, and 10kW inverter sizes range from $2450 to $3380.

The investment required to install this battery and backup interface (with the free trade up inverter) would be $17000+


About options.
The SolarEdge Home Battery is a DC coupled system, and that is why it requires an upgrade to a hybrid inverter such as the Home Hub.

Other battery options are available that wouldn’t require an upgrade to the existing inverter, they will usually be AC coupled systems which may have a smaller or larger storage capacity.

There are numerous features and benefits that are made available by a fully integrated, all-in-one solution like SolarEdge Home. Especially when things like EV charging, smart appliances, home energy management, and even energy trading are considered, as well as having it all available from one smart energy management App.

Check out the video and interactive brochure below to learn more about SolarEdge Home.

SolarEdge Residential System


Want More Info?

If you would like more information about the Home Hub Trade Up offer, or would like to discuss upgrades or addition of batteries for your SolarEdge system, please enter your contact details in the form below.

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