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15/08/2022 in Information, Solar Batteries, Solar Power Systems

Installing Solar Batteries – What do you need to know?

If you are thinking about installing solar batteries, whether adding to an existing solar system or considering installing solar with batteries from scratch, there are a few questions you need…
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19/08/2021 in Information, Solar Power Systems

Solar Energy Diversion for Hot Water

With an Energy Diverter, surplus energy production from a solar power system can be used for water heating. This will increase solar self-consumption and improve the effectiveness of the system.
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08/06/2021 in Information, Solar Power Systems

“Can I Afford Solar?”

With a low-rate solar loan and a properly sized system, the savings from solar can easily cover the loan repayments. It is even possible to achieve lower monthly expenses as…
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19/05/2021 in Featured, Information, Solar Power Systems

Solar Power for New Homes

When planning the design of a new home, energy efficiency is often at the forefront of requirements. Insulation and efficient heating/cooling appliances are common considerations, and solar power has become…
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10/05/2021 in Information, Solar Power Systems

Solar Power System Upgrades

Many early solar power systems are nearing the end of their useful life, and have a much smaller production capacity than systems currently being installed. Is it time for a…
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30/03/2021 in Featured, Information, Solar Power Systems

Get Maximum Benefit From Solar

After investing in solar power, it makes sense to ensure that you achieve the best return on that investment by maximising the benefit provided by the solar power generated by…
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29/09/2020 in Information, Solar Power Systems

The 3 Stages of Installing Solar Power with SolarWise Wagga

If you are thinking about installing solar power for your home or business, you will need to consider what is involved throughout the process to achieve the final result; a…
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08/09/2020 in Commercial Solar Power, Information

Commercial Solar Explained

Solar systems can differ widely in quality, sophistication and future performance resulting in a wide range of financial and environmental outcomes. This guide has been developed for interested owners of…
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04/08/2020 in Information, Solar Power Systems

How much should a solar power system cost?

Lately, there has been a flood of advertisements that offer solar power at insanely cheap prices. On the surface they may seem like a good deal, but are they the…
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16/07/2020 in Information, Solar Power Systems

Power & Energy – System Monitoring – Electricity Bills

This article explains aspects of power & energy measurement, system monitoring, and electricity billing which can sometimes cause confusion or that aren’t always widely understood.
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22/04/2020 in Information, Solar Power Systems

Solar Panels on Rental Properties

When solar power is installed on a residential property where the owner resides, they will directly benefit from reduced energy bills. That’s great for homeowners, but what about tenants, how…
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06/02/2020 in Information, Solar Power Systems

What is the lifespan of a solar power system?

Installing solar energy for your home or business is a long-term investment which pays back over time through savings on electricity bills, and through tax incentives for business. With this…
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