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Lately, there has been a flood of advertisements that offer solar power at insanely cheap prices. On the surface they may seem like a good deal, but are they the smart choice?

While product brand and system type do play a significant part in price variations, it is only when you dig a little deeper you will discover other differences and learn there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Further reading

Cheap Solar – A Cautionary Tale

(An ebook produced from the ‘Crap Solar’ Facebook group)

A few years ago when an Australian solar installer wanted to highlight the pitfalls of cheap solar, the Facebook group ‘Crap Solar‘ was created.

Over the years, hundreds of examples of poor installation practice and failed systems have been posted to the groups page.
Even now in 2020, the group continues to receive new posts on a regular basis, with examples of shoddy workmanship being a far too common occurrence.

A summary of material from the Crap Solar group was collated into an ebook to present some of the common problems associated with cheap solar in Australia.

Cheap Solar – How it will cost you more.

Most people are aware of some, if not all, of these sayings…

– It seems too good to be true!
– Cheap and Nasty!
– You get what you pay for!
– Buy cheap, buy twice!

… and yet, people are still falling prey to bad solar companies and getting stung by cheap solar rip-offs.

This guide uses an example of a typical cheap solar advertisement to expose the many hidden traps, marketing tricks and deception used. Learn how to spot a cheap solar rip off and arm yourself against becoming the next victim of cheap solar companies.

Includes reviews based on real customer experiences with cheap solar equipment and poor service solar companies.

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