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To help business owners discover the benefits of commercial solar power, we are offering an obligation-free solar assessment at zero cost.

For a limited time, you can get a level 1 solar feasibility assessment and report for your business and we will waive the standard consultation and assessment fee.

A feasibility study is a preliminary exploration of a proposed project or undertaking to determine its merits and viability.
It’s purpose is to provide an assessment that examines various aspects of a proposed project, including technical, financial, legal, and environmental considerations.

Commercial Solar Feasibility Studies

Before commencing any large solar project, the feasibility of the venture must first be established.

Feasibility Studies are conducted to assess the viability and profitability of a project and are an important initial step when developing a commercial solar installation.


SolarWise Wagga’s commercial solar assessments are conducted by our solar PV experts and provide information and advice on:

• The viability of solar power for your business.
• Optimum solar PV system capacity.
• Financial feasibility and analysis.

Our feasibility studies are based on years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining commercial solar PV projects.

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Commercial Solar Benefits

Most businesses have their main operating hours during the day when the sun is shining.
This allows for the bulk of the electricity cost to be offset.

Additionally, businesses can benefit greatly from solar power in several ways:

○ Insulate against rising energy costs.

○ Save on upfront costs via Small-scale
   Technology Certificates (STC).

○ Generate clean power, reducing the impact of
   pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by
   generating clean power for years to come.

○ Adding value to your business or property.

○ Solar PV Systems can be depreciated.
   GST-registered businesses can claim back
   the GST on installed systems.

○ System payback can be as fast as 3 years.

○ Achieve an internal rate of return up to 40%.

○ Create positive cash flow.

Seize your opportunity to take advantage of the renewable energy incentives for small businesses that were announced in the 2023-24 Federal Budget.

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