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Buying & installing solar power doesn’t require close contact.

The process of arranging the purchase of solar power and having it installed doesn’t require you to be in close physical contact with anyone.

Social distancing can be observed throughout every step.


We are still able to provide a quote for solar installation whilst complying with COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

Although normally preferred, a house visit is not essential to start with, if you can provide:

  • photos of your roof taken from the ground
  • photos of your meter box & switchboard
  • copies of your electricity bills (last 4 ideally)

After discussing your needs over the phone or video chat, we can email you all the relevant information as well as an indicative system installation proposal.

With the use of available tools including satellite imagery, and the information you provide, we can establish a fairly accurate assessment of your rooftop along with various other factors needed to prepare a system design and quote.

If we require a site visit for a technical inspection to finalise your quote, it can be undertaken without the need to enter your home, and all necessary precautions will be taken. For example, if we need to physically access your switchboard.

Contactless Solar Quoting & Installation

Support from our Solar Industry

The Clean Energy Council and Smart Energy Council, Australia’s leading bodies representing the solar industry, have been providing support and resources for solar businesses to help keep ourselves and our customers safe.

We have received detailed advice and instruction regarding interacting with customers, undertaking site visits and handling paperwork, work team arrangements, sanitising tools, work areas and vehicles.

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