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About Us

SolarWise Wagga Pty Ltd is a locally owned business established in 2009.

Since its foundation, SolarWise Wagga has continued to grow as a specialist provider of renewable energy solutions, including quality solar power systems and energy efficient products designed to reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs.

SolarWise Wagga has installed hundreds of solar power systems in Wagga Wagga and across the Riverina region.

Alex Manley (Owner/Manager) has over 14 years of experience in the solar power industry and holds accreditation with the Clean Energy Council of Australia for solar grid connect design and supervision; ensuring that the highest standards and codes of conduct are met.

Alex leads a specialist team of qualified and accredited electrical technicians and designers who carry out project installations and provide on-going service and support to our valued clients.

SolarWise is based in Wagga Wagga, NSW and provides solar energy solutions to the Riverina area.

What we offer

SolarWise Wagga specialises in high-quality solar power and hot water systems that are built to last.

All our systems are installed and commissioned by our own in-house licensed and accredited installation team.

Our strict product selection process guarantees that we supply only high-quality solar PV modules, inverters, and system components.
Through the use of industry-leading products and the application of the latest technology, we can ensure your peace of mind and achieve the highest level of system performance, energy efficiency, product reliability, and safety.

As part of our service, we offer a site assessment and consultation in order to design the most suitable solar power system for your requirements, while providing you with all the information you need.

Residential solar with LG NeON2

Our Customer service

At Solarwise we realise that happy customers are one of our strongest assets.

We focus on providing top notch customer service during every stage of the ‘Going Solar’ process, from the initial consultation, system design and quotation right through to system commissioning and handover.
But we don’t stop there. We’ll continue to provide advice and support, along with ongoing system monitoring and maintenance services for our customers.

Over the years we have earned a solid reputation for providing exceptional customer service as well as top quality system installations. Many of our customers have recommended Solarwise Wagga to their relatives and friends.

SolarWise Wagga - Company brochure

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SolarWise Wagga – Company brochure


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LG Solar Dealer Network

SolarWise Wagga are your Authorised LG Solar Dealer for the Wagga Wagga region.


Visit our LG Dealer page

The Products we use

SolarWise Wagga employs a strict selection and screening process to guarantee we only supply market leading solar modules, inverters, and system components.

Through the supply of industry-leading products and the application of the latest technology, we can ensure your peace of mind and achieve the highest level of power efficiency, system reliability and safety.

Some important attributes of the products we use are:

• Secure warranties backed by large and diverse companies
• Proven to operate consistently in Australian environmental conditions
• Superior performance in low light conditions
• Strict manufacturers testing procedures
• Proven real-world performance and reliability
• Accessible and reliable after sales support

The Services we offer

We take a holistic approach to increasing energy efficiency and provide a range of products and services which offer our clients every opportunity to reduce energy consumption and benefit from the savings.

• Grid Connect Solar Power Systems – Commercial, Residential, and Rural.
• Off–Grid Solar Power Systems
• Energy Storage Systems
• Solar Hot Water
• Solar Powered Pumping Solutions
• Solatube Skylights & Roof Ventilation
• Energy Efficient Lighting
• Energy Management and Monitoring
• Feasibility studies for commercial solar power systems
• Energy audits, data logging and analysis
• System monitoring, reporting, and maintenance

Are you ready to find out how much you could be saving?

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you save money on your energy bills.

Our key goals & Principles

  • Endeavour to be at the cutting edge of renewable energy technology in an ever-evolving industry
  • Contribute to building a safe and sustainable industry that can provide future growth and employment in the renewable energy sector.
  • To keep the public properly informed on the value and real viability of a solar grid connect system and how to ensure it effectively saves money for you or your business.
  • Maintain strict product screening processes to secure safe and reliable customer investments.
  • Supply the best quality products to provide the highest returns and peace of mind.
  • Always provide quality time to customer enquiries to help them through the process, making it as easy and stress-free as possible.
  • To ensure all clients understand how to best utilize their system to ensure the highest returns
  • To guarantee the highest standard of workmanship for all system installations
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SolarWise Wagga

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