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Solar Pumping and Irrigation

Bore Pumps | Transfer Pumps | Pool Pumps

Are You Looking for a Solar Powered Pump?

Solarwise Wagga provides a range of Solar Pump Systems and we can design a Solar Pumping solution suited to almost any situation.

We custom design each Solar Pump System we install to suit our customers individual requirements.

With Solar Pumping Systems from SolarWise Wagga you can….

  • Pump water from a new or existing bore with a Solar powered submersible pump.
  • Convert a broken down windmill to a Solar pump.
  • Install Solar surface pumps for water transfer.
  • Convert an existing mains powered pump to Solar Power with AC Pump Drives.
  • Save on swimming pool running costs with Solar Pool Pumps.
  • Change from Diesel Generator to Solar powered pumps.
  • Pump with Solar power from Rivers, Creeks or Dams.

..and more

Solar Water Pumping Introduction - LORENTZ

“At SolarWise Wagga our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide relevant and reliable information, quality service, and the highest grade of products at a competitive price.”

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