LG Solar Panels

Superior Performance  •  High Durability  •  Strong Warranties

LG solar panels feature a combination of high-performance PV technology and sophisticated design.

The NeON2 and NeON R panels from LG have specific technical advantages that can result in higher performance and an overall increase in energy production from your solar power system.

All solar panels in LG’s high-performance NeON range are covered by a 25-year product warranty as well as a 25-year performance warranty.

LG Solar - NeON 25Yr Warranty
LG NeON2 Panels - 60 cell

CELLO Technology

Bifacial Cells

325W | 340W | 345W

60 Cell

NeON2 Black

30 Ribbon Rear Busbar


60 Cell

30 LG Solar Panel Advantages

LG Solar Panel Advantages

30 advantages of LG high-performance panels and their benefits for you.

LG Solar - Authorised Dealer Network - Info Brochure

LG Solar Authorised Dealer Network

SolarWise Wagga are an Authorised LG Solar Dealer in the Wagga Wagga region.

Read more about LG’s Dealer Network, including the LG Dealer Code of Conduct, in this information brochure.

LG NeON - 25Yr Product Warranty

LG Solar Manufacturer's Warranty

LG Solar Warranty Brochure

NeON 2 and NeON R

LG Solar Warranty

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Award Winning Panels

LG's panel range have won numerous International Awards in recent years.

LG Solar Panels - Awards

LG Panels are recognised as innovative and cutting edge by industry experts.
You can have confidence in the quality and performance of the LG panels range.

LG Panels - EUPD Top Brand Award - Australia - 2018

LG Panel Datasheets

LG NeON R 350W - Datasheet

LG NeON R 350W

LG NeON2 330W - Datasheet

LG NeON2 335W

LG NeON2 320W Black - Datasheet

LG NeON2 320W Black