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Catch Power
Solar Energy Diverter.


Catch Power Solar Energy Diverter

How does it work?
Green CATCH is simply a diverter of solar power that is excess to your household.

  • CATCH is installed in the meter box.
  • CATCH monitors power coming and going from your premises;
    when the diverter senses power leaving it redirects that power to your hot water service.
  • The CATCH Control Pad gives the owner greater control of their hot water heating allowing for shorter days in winter, or an extra boost if required.
  • The Control Pad can be adjusted to heat water immediately (from general tariff electricity), to never using the mains at all. Great if you are going on holiday!
  • Green CATCH will automatically adjust the timer set to make the best use of your solar. It learns every day. For even greater control and online monitoring consider

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