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  • Smart charging or plug and drive
  • Maximum 22kW charging
  • single or 3 phase
  • Portable


The Fronius Wattpilot Go 22 J 2.0 AUS is a portable electric vehicle (EV) charger with a power output of 22 kW and a maximum current of 32A. It is compatible with both single and three-phase electrical systems. And can be easily transported to different locations.

The charger features Fronius’ Wattpilot technology which allows for real-time monitoring and management of the charging process via a smartphone app. The charger is suitable for use with all types of electric vehicles, including those with fast charging capabilities.

  • Plug ‘n’ Drive
    The Fronius Wattpilot is child’s play to use simply plug it in and charge.
  • Intelligent charging
    As a PV system owner, you can rely on Fronius. The Fronius Wattpilot charges your electric car with your own surplus energy, where available, or draws upon mains current. This prevents load peaks while reliably supplying the entire household.
  • Operating convenience
    Convenient control via a button on the Wattpilot or via smart-phone/tablet. The Fronius Solar.wattpilot app allows you to securely use both versions of the Fronius Wattpilot and adjust them to suit your own personal needs.
  • Security & control
    You can create up to 10 user profiles per Fronius Wattpilot. Access to the Fronius Wattpilot can be secured via RFID chip or card and protects it against misuse, including in public spaces. The use of chip or card also enables detailed itemisation of all charging data for each user.
  • Full integration
    Attention PV system owners! The Fronius Wattpilot can be seamlessly integrated in the Fronius Solar.web app. This gives you an insight into all the components of your PV system at any time and allows you to control the use of all your self-generated solar energy.
  • Complete flexibility
    No matter what electric car you drive, the Fronius Wattpilot
    is the perfect choice. This Fronius charging solution is compatible with all makes of car and remains fully ready for use if you change your car.


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Weight 1.82 kg
Dimensions 10.9 × 15.5 × 28.7 cm

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