EcoFlow Delta 2


  • 1.024kWh capacity
  • 1800W (Surge 2700W) AC output
  • 500W Solar input
  • Smart app control


More than just a battery, the DELTA 2 from EcoFlow has the energy you need to power your appliances when you aren’t on the grid. Whether it be in a tiny home, off-grid weekender, caravan, camping trip or worksite, or at home when the lights go out. And can be charged multiple ways, from solar up to 500W, AC mains or car charging.

As a few examples, it can power

  • 10W AC light bulb for 36hrs
  • 1000W microwave for 1.8hrs
  • 600W coffee maker 50-60 cups
  • 1400W circular saw for 0.7hrs
  • 1650W electric grill for 0.6hrs

Control, monitor, and manage your energy use.
Control and monitor your DELTA with the EcoFlow app. Dive into the settings to customize your power use or control DELTA remotely.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 40 × 21 × 27 cm

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