Electricity price rise impact

Calculate how future electricity price rises could affect you.

Find out how electricity price rises are likely to impact you and your family.

This calculator can show how electricity price increases in the future have the potential to affect your out of pocket electricity expenses.
It allows you to work out the potential electricity price in the future by selecting an average inflation rate for the next 5 years.

Please note that LG through this calculator tool is making no claim or predictions regarding electricity price increases in future years.

Before you use the calculator please get one or more of your recent electricity bills to check your consumption and the current price per kWh.

Solar Savings & Payback Calculator

Find out how much you can save on your electricity bill and what the payback time will be for different systems.

Solar Power System Output Calculator

This calculator uses statistical sunlight data to calculate the estimated energy output for a solar power system of a specified size.

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