High Performance Solar Panels

LG NeON R solar modules have key design features that significantly enhance output for maximum efficiency.

Increased power from multi–ribbon rear contact design

The 30 multi-ribbon busbar technology located at the rear of the module under the backing sheet lowers electrical resistance and increases panel efficiency.
This means that they can provide more power output per panel.

It also gives the panel a more uniform appearance.

Improved High Temperature Performance

The power output of solar panels gradually decreases as their temperature increases.

NeON R modules from LG deliver one of the best temperature performance characteristics on the market, and as such, they will deliver higher electricity output in hot weather.

More Power per Square Metre

LG NeON R 370W panels are a similar physical size to many conventional 300W panels.
This means you can get 23.3% more electricity per square meter with the NeON R panels than you would with a 300W panel.

Video: LG NeON R Solar Panels

The NeON R sets a new standard of innovation in solar PV module technology and is the result of LG's extensive investment in solar research & development.

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