LG NeON2 Black

All Black Panels

LG Black solar panels

An all black panel with a great visual appearance.

LG NeON2 Black panels feature LG’s Cello™ technology and double sided N-type cells.
The result is reduced electrical losses, increased efficiency, superior power output performance, and greater reliability.

CELLO Multi-wire busbar technology

CELLO Multi wire busbar cell technology incorporates 12 circular wires instead of the traditional 3 or 4 busbars. This lowers electrical resistance, enables better light absorption, and increases panel efficiency.

Bi-facial cells

LG NeON2 modules have double sided cells which absorb light from the front and the back of the cell, allowing them to deliver more power per panel

Video: LG NeON2 Solar Panels

LG Black solar panels

LG's NeON2 Black panels feature black cells, black frames, and a black backsheet.
This gives them an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance.

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